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I will never slip, never fall, never fail.

This is the life of Zac.

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Alkaren Hyralt, The Fallen Angel
18 February
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.hack//sign, 3 doors down, air master, ak1200, alchemy, alkaiser, alkarl, anime, anime conventions, animefest, art of war, asians, atheism, balmung, bawls, beretta, books, breaks & beats, breath of fire iii, caffeine, capes, catgirls, ceremonial magick, china, chobits, chocolate milk, cold, computers, cosplay, crowley, d&d, dance dance revolution, dancing, demonology, demons, dieselboy, djing, doctor who, dr. pepper, dragons, drum & bass, dxm, e nomine, egl, elegant gothic lolita, eletronica, enochian magic, equivalent trade, erwin rommel, eurobeat, evanscence, fall out boy, family guy, father ted, final fantasy, final fantasy tactics, final fantasy vii, final fantasy xi, fire, flame alchemist, fps, full metal alchemist, fullmetal alchemist, german, global underground, glow sticks, goetia, golden dawn, gothic lolita, guns, h&k, heinrich himmler, hermes, history, holding hands, homsar, in extremo, industrial, initial d, japan, japanese, john digweed, joseph goebbels, kissing, knives, last exile, liquid raving, maes hughes, magick, megaherz, melotron, military, military science, milk, mixing, muds, music, my friends, mystery science theater 3000, national alchemist, nazi uniforms, nazis, neon genesis evangelion, ordo malleus, penguins, philosopher's stone, plain white t's, progressive house, quakecon, ramen, rammstein, raving, red dwarf, ren faire, riza hawkeye, role playing, roy mustang, rpg, rpgs, rx-7, saga frontier, sarcasm, satanism, scrapped princess, sephiroth, serial experiments lain, shino, sobe, soda, ss uniforms, story of the year, swords, tech n9ne, texas, tokyo, trance, transmutation, uniforms, wacky tobaccy, waffen ss, warhammer 40k, wicca, wild cherry pepsi, winry rockbell, wolfsheim, zefiris, zephiris,

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