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12:29pm 11/01/2007
  ANONYMOUSLY enter one or more numbers in a comment. I've enabled anonymous commenting so you can do this easily and IP logging is off always too, so feel free to comment ANONYMOUSLY on this post even if you read it in September 2009.

0 = I don't know you
1 = I like you
2 = I love you!
3 = You're witty
4 = You annoy me
5 = I don't really care for your personality
6 = I want to fuck you
7 = You're sexy like a fox
8 = I'm stalking you
9 = I want to get to know you
10 = I hope you die.
11 = Let's makeout.

This was orignally posted 2 1/2 years ago. I thought I'd post it again for fun. XD
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09:45am 05/05/2005

I'm so tired.


So i've had this sitting open for a while, because I got a call right as I clicked on update journal.

And near the end of the call, I'm sitting there updating my notes over what I have done, and the lines kinda quietw hile I type and this lady (She was an elderly lady) just comes out of no where and goes "This black man on the TV has the biggest goddamn dimonds in his ears I have ever seen! Those things are like small softballs!"

I damn near died. *THAT* was the funniest thing I have heard while doing the phones, because it came so far out of complete left field.
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08:52am 20/02/2004
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